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About Jill

About Jill Weese

Thank-You for visiting the “Fitness with Jill” website.  Jill is a personal exercise coach and trainer certified through Canadian Fitness Professionals.

Sports, training, exercise and nutrition came to her naturally as she waterskied professionally at Cypress Gardens and learned strict practices towards optimum health and  wellness.

Jill develops individualized programs for each client based on their needs, fitness level, age and goals. Under the guidelines of her certification with Canadian Fitness Professionals she creates programs for cardiovascular health, strength, agility,  flexibility and relaxation.  Programs take place indoors and outdoors depending on the needs and preferences of the client.

She also provides guidelines for menu planning, healthy snacking and  telephone or email support for motivation.

Sessions take place in homes, condos,  outdoors, recreation centres and indoor and outdoor pools. Jill comes to your home and offers the convenience of in-home training, which is a wonderful convenience,  especially during the winter months.

Please reach out to Jill and talk about your goals and how you can work together to get you there.


Jill’s Credentials

  • Canadian Fitness Professional Personal Trainer
  • Advanced Personal Trainer, Loyalist College
  • Recreation and Leisure Services Diploma, Loyalist College
  • Former Interim Director of Health and Fitness – YMCA
  • Physiotherapy/Occupational Assistant Diploma
  • Volunteer – Providence Care Aquatic Therapy Pool

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