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My programs include goal setting, meal planning, daily training and can be done indoors and outdoors.

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Burn baby burn weight loss classes

Now offering Weight loss classes in the Addington highlands area.

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Personal Training Endorphin Program

When we exercise we naturally release a rush of endorphins – morphine like pain killers that flood the brain when you take your heart into your target heart rate zone for periods of time – usually one hour.

So this “Natures Prozac” is our gift when we exercise.

The personal training program that Jill develops, will strive to take you to your target heart rate zone both in the gym, on the hiking trails or aqua training in the pool. Her examples and persistence will motivate you to stick with your program and achieve your goals.

Jill will go to your home and inspire you with a program of cardiovascular strength, resistance training, flexibility and relaxation.  She will teach will teach you how to use your home or condo equipment in a safe and effective manner.  However, programs can be developed with little or no equipment.

Jill will also encourage you to train outdoors and workout with you in a location such as Lake Ontario park for power walking and interval training.

She also provides guidelines for successful healthy snacking and a nutritious diet.

Jill also welcomes – and encourages – people to her personal training and group classes who suffer depression. Exercise is proven to enhance your mood and increase the level of Monoamines- neurotransmitters which include dopamine and serotonin. These molecules are the messengers of paradise and are also found in anti-depressant medications. Exercise is natures way to help us feel good!

A session lasts 75 minutes and is composed of cardiovascular training for weight loss and heart health, strength to increase bone density, posture and energy and flexibility to  increase range of motion.  Relaxation techniques for overall wellness complete a workout.  In addition, time will be spent on meal planning, motivation techniques for healthy eating and telephone consultation for client support.

The Free initial consultation includes a Par Q questionnaire,   health history, exercise preferences, daily eating habits, obstacles, goals and a commitment to the program if you choose to accept the training.

  • Individual 75 minute Personal Training Session – $75
  • Package of 6 training sessions or more 60 dollars each


Aquafitness is an excellent way to improve your heart and lung health. Jill provides fun and effective Aquafitness in your home or condo pool.

Aquafitness is an excellent exercise form – especially for persons who want to work their heart, lungs, arms, legs and abdominal strength without the impact of land exercise. Classes are filled with music and a large variety of exercises to work the entire body. They are social and a great way to have fun while you exercise.

Aquafitness is excellent for athletes who need the cardio and strength but do not need the impact while healing an injury.  It is also very effective for thoses persons who have physical limitations. If you have never taken Aquafitness, you have to give it a try!

Jill will come to your home or condo pool with music and provide a safe, fun and effective program.

Aquafitness, Music, and sound system

  • $60 per class – divided by the registered group
  • Drop in Fee – $10

Workplace Fitness

Keeping your employees healthy and happy is important to business success. Workplace fitness programs allow Jill to visit your business on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and provide fitness and wellness for employees.

This program would be developed to adhere to the needs of your staff and their  time constraints over the lunch hour or break periods.  Jill would meet with personnel from Human Resources or a manager to structure the nature of the program, determine available space and promote the program within the workplace.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact “Fitness with Jill”.

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Jill is happy to discuss your specific needs, so if you are looking for something not included above, please make sure to get in touch.

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